Services & Technology


TriplePoint prides itself as a one-stop-shop for your policy admin system. We will happily

  • Customize the system to your exact rates, forms, reports, underwriting, and workflow
  • Install the system onsite or in the cloud
  • Create a desired consumer experience
  • Train your staff in usage of the system
  • Senior developer support if problems arise
  • Update rates, forms, and underwriting as needed


TriplePoint employs the same cloud-based, open-source, software platforms and tools used by the most technologically advanced businesses in the world: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more!

TriplePoint Software was built using the Django open-source web application framework and the Python programming language. This enables our programmers to create complex, database-driven applications with fewer lines of code much more quickly than is possible using less contemporary programming languages.

Our frontend is created with Angular (a single-page application (SPA) framework developed by Google), for a full interactive experience, and uses Bootstrap as a responsive HTML and CSS framework. Look and feel of the system can be easily customized and themed to your needs.

Development Methodology

TriplePoint creates software in a collaborative, open-source environment using a web-based software development project management and revision control system. Our team of highly skilled programming professionals writes and test software using a dynamic, iterative process with full visibility and participation on the part of designated staff from our insurer clients.